Married v Singles

Single Men wins

Saturday 8th September

Single Men 184-10 Married Men 139-11

Sunday 9th September
Sun XI v Rosslyn No Game

                          at St Albans Sept 1 2018
Married Men v Single Men 2018  

1stXI Champions

1stXI defeated but get the points to be champions

1stXI lose by 36 runs           
No Game         
No Game
4thXI No Game
SunXI cancelled

Saturday 1st September

St Albans II 211 1stXI 175
3rdXI v Cheshunt II conceded

Sunday 2nd September
T20 Finals Day Results

1st Semi-Final
London Colney Cricket Club 112-8,
H&C 115-5 (H&C won by 5 wickets)

2nd Semi-Final
St Albans Cricket Club 150-6
Northchurch Cricket Club 111-8
(St Albans won by 39 runs)

St Albans 174-4
H&C 132-9
(St Albans won by 42 runs)

Squad at St Albans Sept 1 2018
it takes more than 11 to be a team

1stXI Promoted

1stXI confirm promotion and need just 1 point to be champions

1stXI win by 1 wkt           
lose by 2 wkts         
lose by 116 runs
4thXI No Game
SunXI cancelled

Saturday 25th
Bentley Heath 196-8 1stXI 198-9
2ndXI 175 Old Elizabethans II 179-8
Stevenage V 249-9 3rdXI 133

Sunday 26th August


1stXI Crushed

1stXI blow it at Holtwhites Hill

1stXI lose by 7 wkts            
lose by 125 runs         
lose by 4 wkts
4thXI No Game
SunXI cancelled

Saturday 18th
1stXI 88 Holtwhites Trinibis II 90-3
Boxmoor 257-7 2ndXI 132
3rdXI 97 Hoddesdon IV 100-6

Sunday 19th August
Ashwell v Sun XI conceded


1stXI win in the rain

1stXI cack to winning ways, but 2ndXI & 3rdXI win again

1stXI win  by 19 runs            
lose on run rate         
opposition conceded NO Game
4thXI No Game
SunXI cancelled

Saturday 11th
1stXI 212-7 London Colney 193
Bushey II 226 2ndXI 156-6 Rain
Hertingfordbury II conceded v 3rdXI

Sunday 12th August
T20 XI v Northworth Town (T20) Cancelled


1stXI lose

1stXI winning run comes to an end, but 2ndXI & 3rdXI win again

1stXI lose by 5 wkts            
win by 1 wkt         
win by 2 wkts
4thXI conceded
SunXI win by concession

Saturday 4th
1stXI 127 Waltham X Rosedale 128-5
Bovingdon 179 2ndXI 180-9
St Margaretsbury III 143 3rdXI 144-8
Northwood IV v 4thXI conceded

Sunday 5th August
T20 XI v Abbots Langley conceded


1stXI win again

1stXI, 2ndXI and 3rdXI win but 4thXI lose

1stXI win by 1 wkt             Kunal Shah 45, Ben Clarke 3-28
win by 19 runs          Ian Golder 80 not out, Tony Jakes 4-46
win by 96 runs
4thXI lose by 10 runs
SunXI conceded

Saturday 28th
Hertford III 186-6 1stXI 188-9
2ndXI 222-9 Allenburys & County Hall II 203
3rdXI 199-8 Knebworth Park IV 103
Rickmansworth IV 99 4thXI 89

Sunday 29th July
Datchworth v Sun XI conceded


1stXI win top of table match

1stXI win but 2ndXI, 3rdXI and 4thXI lose

1stXI win by 33 runs      
2ndXI lose by 84 runs

lose by 3 wkts
4thXI lose by 5 runs
SunXI conceded

Saturday 21st
1stXI 178 Watford Town II 145
Hemel Hempstead Town III 252-5 2ndXI 168
3rdXI 126 Hitchin IV 128-7
Hatfield Hyde III 155 4thXI 150-7

Sunday 22nd July
Rosslyn v SunXI conceded


1stXI win again

1stXI win but 2ndXI and 3rdXI lose as 4thXI concede

1stXI win by 5 wkts       Amit Singh 74 not out
2ndXI lose by 6 runs

lose by 3 wkts
4thXI concede
SunXI no game

Saturday 14th
Ickleford II 226 1stXI 227-5
Letchworth Garden City III 210-9 2ndXI 204
3rdXI 77 Old Owens III 79-7
Hatch End II v 4thXI conceded

Sunday 15th July
No Game

  74 not out for Amit Singh

1stXI win again

1stXI win but 4thXI and 2ndXI lose as 3rdXI get another concession

1stXI win by 94 runs       Ton for Yugal Kalaskar 116
2ndXI lose by 18 runs

3rdXI win by concession

4thXI lose by 125 runs
SunXI lose by 78 runs

Saturday 7th
1stXI 261-7 Preston II 167
Abbots Langley II 235-7 2ndXI 217-10
Baldock III concede v 3rdXI
Potten End II 257-7 4thXI 132

Sunday 8th July
Luton Town 246-6 Sun XI 168

  Ton for Yugal Kalaskar

1stXI win again

1stXI and 4thXI win as 2ndXI and 3rdXI get concessions

1stXI win by 4 wkts      
2ndXI win by concession

3rdXI win by concession

4thXI win by 8 wkts
SunXI win by 7 wkts

Saturday 30th
St Albans II 215-8 1stXI 216-6   
North Enfield II conceded v 2ndXI
Cheshunt II conceded v 3rdXI
Old Minchendenians II 151-9 4thXI 153-2

Sunday 1st July
Baldock 198-5 Sun XI 199-3


Back to winning ways on Saturday

1stXI and 3rdXI win again

1stXI win by 72 runs      
2ndXI lose by 2 wkt

3rdXI win by 81 runs

4thXI lose by 6 wkts

Saturday 23rd
1stXI 249-9 Bentley Heath 177
2ndXI 163 Old Elizabethans II 164-8
3rdXI 186 Stevenage V 105
4thXI 103 Markyate 104-4

Sunday 24th June


Defeats on Saturday

1stXI lose first match

1stXI lose by 4 wkts     
2ndXI lose by 34
3rdXI lose by 4
4thXI  conceded

Saturday 16th
1stXI v188-9 Holtwhites Trinibis II 192-6
Boxmoor 275-8 2ndXI 241
3rdXI 126 Hoddesdon IV 129-6
4thXI conceded v Markyate

Sunday 17th June


Three XIs win on Saturday

1stXI make it 5 wins from 5 games

1stXI win by 20 runs    
2ndXI win by
3 wkts
3rdXI win by 48 runs
4thXI  conceded

Saturday 9th
1stXI 224-9 London Colney 204
Bushey II 151 2ndXI 155-7
3rdXI 102 Hertingfordbury II 54
Old Minchendenians II v 4thXI conceded

Sunday 10th June
Sun XI v Knebworth Blues Cancelled


2ndXI first win on Saturday

2ndXI off the mark at Bovingdon

1stXI win by 88 runs    
2ndXI win by
5 wkts
3rdXI lose by 89 runs
4thXI win by 13 runs
Sun T20 won
Sun T20 won
Saturday 2nd
1stXI 180-9 Waltham X Rosedale 92
Bovingdon 121 2ndXI 124-5
St Margaretsbury III 155 3rdXI 66
4thXI 97-8 Northwood IV 84-9

Sunday 3rd June
Sun T20 v Stevenage
Sun T20 v Free


1stXI and 3rdXI win on Saturday

Amit Singh guides 1stXI to win again

1stXI win by 4 wkts    Amit Singh 68 not out
2ndXI lose by
6 wkts
3rdXI win by 6 wkts
4thXI lose by 72 runs

Saturday 26
th May
Hertford III 155 1stXI 156-6
2ndXI v131 Allenburys & County Hall II 135-4
Knebworth Park IV 85 3rdXI 86-4
Rickmansworth IV 133-8 4thXI 61

Sunday 27th May

  Amit Singh 68 not out  

1stXI and 3rdXI win on Saturday

3rdXI in a hurrry to watch FA Cup score wining runs in 14 overs

1stXI win by 49 runs    Amit Singh 82 not out
2ndXI lose by 55 runs
3rdXI win by 9 wkts
4thXI cancelled
SunXI lost by 60 runs    Yugal Kalaskar 35

19th May
1stXI 266-5 Watford Town II 217
Hemel Hempstead Town III 229-8 2ndXI 174
Hitchin IV 63 3rdXI 65-1
Hatfield Hyde III v 4thXI cancelled

Sunday 20th May
Datchworth 195-9 Sun XI 135


Rain pours on Saturday

Damp Saturday as 4thXI swim to defeat, SunXI lose at Luton Town

1stXI match abandoned
2ndXI match abandoned
3rdXI match abandoned
4thXI lose by 36 runs
SunXI lose by 5 wkts

12th May
1stXI v Ickleford II 52-0 rain
Letchworth Garden City III 45-2 v 2ndXI rain
Old Owens III v  3rdXI 6-0 rain
Hatch End II 111 4thXI 75

Sunday 13th May
SunXI 75 Luton Town 77-5


Sun shines on Saturday

Opening wins for Sat 1stXI and Sun XI

1stXI win by 2 wkts,  Sam Edge 4-38, Ben Clark 35
2ndXI lose by 50 runs, Ian Golder 4-17,  Barry Phillips 29 not out
3rdXI win by concession
4thXI lose by 6 wkts
SunXI win by 9 wickets, Naveed Rivat 4-4, Don Purchit 18 not out

5th May
Preston II 133 1stXI 134-8
Abbots Langley II 134 2ndXI 84
3rdXI  v Baldock III conceded
4thXI 63 Potten End II 68-4

Sunday 6th May
Baldock 35 1stXI 36-1

   Ian Golder 4 wickets

Rain on Saturday

Damp Saturday

Saturdays match was cancelled thanks to heavy rain.

Saturday 28th April

1st XI v Aldenham cancelled rain


T20 win on Sunday

Hatfield and Crusaders win at Stevenage

On Sunday Hatfield and Crusaders mystery XI managed to score 42 runs more in 20 overs as they did in 40 overs the previous Sunday. The total of 135-5 was too much for Stevenage who could only manage 119-8 in their 20 overs.

Saturdays match at Hatfield Hyde was cancelled as their ground was not ready for cricket.

Sunday 22nd April

Sun XI 135-5 Stevenage 119-8


Crickets season started on Sunday

Hatfield and Crusaders stuffed by Broxbourne

On Sunday Hatfield and Crusaders secret XI were roundly thrashed by a competent Broxbourne side in a 40 over match as Broxbourne won by 71 runs.

Sunday 15th April

Broxbourne 164 Sun XI 93-9


Ann Phillips has died

Ann Philips

Ann had a long association with Hatfield Cricket Club, the daughter of long Serving Treasurer (1948-1973) and Chairman (1976-1987) Eric Simson. She served as Tea Committee chairman from 1973-1984 and as the Club Social Secretary 1982-1984. She was married to two club players, Tony Foster and Barry Phillips. Her son Andrew Foster played for the club as well as grandsons David and Aaron.

Anne Phillips
        Anne Phillips

October General Meeting

New Captains for 1st and 2nd XIs

Joe Bigley was elected Saturday 1stXI Captain
Tony Jakes
was elected Saturday 2ndXI Captain
Leigh Parkhouse
was elected Saturday 3rdXI Captain

Elected officers as follows

Alan Dudman Club Chairman
Gareth Wynne Honorary Secretary
Adrian Collins
Honorary Fixture Secretary


Married XI win on Saturday

22 run victory for Married Men

On Saturday 68 runs from Heath Bond lead the Married X to a total of 204-8 from their 35 overs. Supported by 28 runs each from Deepak Haizia and Amit Singh and 23 not out from Alan Jakes.
The Single X's chase was based arround Rory Golders 80 runs supported by 31 runs each from Joe Bigley and Matt Jennings. It was Alan Jakes with 4-22 that cut the Single Men's run chase short as they were bowled out for 182 in the 33rd over.

Saturday 16th September

Married Men X 204-8 Single Men X 182


SunXI lose on Final Sunday

Sun XI lose on Sunday as Season ends with nine players

No Games on Saturday
SunXI lost by 16 runs, Ben Clark 44 & 3-31, Alan Jakes 37 & 3-24 Youghal Kalaskar 36

Saturday 9th September

No Games
Sunday 10th September

Datchworth 197 1stXI 181-8


Win for 2ndXI on Final Saturday

1st XI lose and miss out on promotion on Saturday

1stXI lose by 75 runs, Deepak Hasiza 3-47,
2ndXI win
by 51 runs, Tony Jakes 32, Sam Edge 64 & 3-13, Alan Jakes 3-40
3rdXI lose by 124 runs, Raj Jakkappagol 4-42
4thXI conceded
SunXI win by 124 runs

Saturday 2nd September

St Albans II 225-9 1stXI 150
2ndXI 182 Botany Bay II 131
Rickmansworth III 252 3rdXI 128
Wheathampstead III v 4thXI conceded

Sunday 3rd September

1stXI 273-6 Baldock 149

  Sam Edge 64 3-13

Wins for two XIs on Saturday

1st XI and 2ndXI win on Saturday

1stXI win by 110 runs, Sukhi Grewal 68, Rory Golder 3-21
2ndXI win
by 9 runs, Tony Jakes 58, Alan Jakes 4-24
3rdXI conceded and relegated to regional 40 over cricket in 2018
4thXI conceded

Saturday 26th August

1stXI 222-9 Preston II 112
2ndXI 157 Boxmoor 148
Chorleywood III v 3rdXI Conceded
4thXI Conceded v Welwyn Garden City V

Sunday 27th August

Knebworth Blues v 1stXI

  Tony Jakes 58

Wins for three XIs on Saturday

1st XI in dramatic one wicket win on Saturday

1stXI win by 1 wicket, Heath Bond 67 and Sean Edge 43 not out
2ndXI win
by 5 wickets, Ian Golder 66 not out
3rdXI win by 32 runs, Naveen Reddy 35 and 3-2
4thXI conceded
SunXI win by 7 wickets

Saturday 19th August

Radlett III 191-9 v 1stXI 192-9
Abbots Langley II 121 2ndXI 125-5
3rdXI 108 Holtwhites Trinibis III 76
Stevenage VI v 4thXI conceded

Sunday 20th August

Lilley 57 1stXI 58-3

  Heath Bond 67

Defeats for All XIs on Saturday

1st XI draw on Saturday

1stXI lose by 11 runs
lose by 6 wickets
3rdXI lose by 6 wickets
4thXI lose by 59 runs
SunXI conceded

Saturday 12th August

Leverstock Green II 178-8 1stXI 167
2ndXI 116 Frogmore 117-4
3rdXI 75 Aldenham 76-4
Old Camdenians II 173-1 4thXI 114-7

Sunday 13th August

Ashwell v 1stXI conceded


Defeats for 2nd & 3rdXI on Saturday

1st XI draw on Saturday

1stXI draw
lose by 40 runs
3rdXI lose by 146 runs

Saturday 5th August

1stXI 178-9 Bentley Heath 88-8
Allenburys & County Hall II 148-9 2ndXI 108
Old Albanian III 184-8 3rdXI 38

Sunday 6th August

Ryan Moran Charity match


Roy Wynne has died

Honorary Life Vice-President and former Club Chairman D.R. Wynne has died

Club Chairman from 1990-2005, played regularly from 1971-1990, making a final one off appearance in 1993. 3rdXI Captain from 1980-1984 and Sunday 2ndXI captain in 1988. In all Roy took 455 wickets with his slow off breaks at an average of 18.83, his best wicket taking performance 7-74 in 1978. With the bat Roy scored 2,173 runs from 303 innings with a high score of 49 at OMTs. Roy was 2nd on the list of most runs scored by a player without getting a 50 behind Bert Sheppard. Roy had very sharp reactions which made him a great slip fielder, in all he took 117 catches.

Urvish Mistry
       Roy Wynne

CLUB CHAIRMAN 1990 - 2005
Captain Sun 2nd XI 1988

Captain 3rd XI 1980 - 1984

Year  Inns. N.O. Runs H.S. Av'ge 100 50 ct st Overs Mdns. Runs Wkts. Av'ge B-B
1971 16 3 131 40 * 10.08 - - 12 - 103.3 11 431 30 14.37  
1972 17 0 183 46   10.76 - - 6 - 63.0 9 293 24 12.21  
1973 18 3 150 25   10.00 - - 10 - 92.5 10 415 27 15.37  
1974 20 7 147 19 * 11.31 - - 7 - 87.5 4 422 20 21.10  
1975 11 1 115 36   11.50 - - 5 - 114.5 18 415 31 13.39  
1976 16 1 211 36   14.07 - - 2 - 72.0 4 357 11 32.45  
1977 19 2 161 31   9.47 - - 5 - 83.1 7 429 16 26.81  
1978 14 3 91 33   8.27 - - 5 - 65.2 3 301 16 18.81 7-74
1979 14 2 35 8   2.92 - - 6 - 93.0 18 277 21 13.19  
1980 15 2 96 25   7.38 - - 4 - 42.3 5 158 7 22.57  
1981 16 4 117 33   9.75 - - 5 - 95.1 17 361 22 16.41  
1982 17 1 101 22   6.31 - - 3 - 102.3 9 453 18 25.17 3-21
1983 12 5 47 12 * 6.71 - - 3 - 88.4 6 388 16 24.25 5-36
1984 10 4 119 28   19.83 - - 4 - 45.0 3 182 7 26.00 3-15
1985 4 0 40 17   10.00     2   33.1 3 154 9 17.11  
1986 22 6 167 49   10.44 - - 7 - 149.0 18 575 36 15.97 6-30
1987 17 5 68 14 * 5.67 - - 9 - 179.2 26 670 37 18.11 5-24
1988 13 4 34 9   3.78 - - 11 - 151.3 31 519 34 15.26 6-29
1989 18 8 105 21   10.50 - - 6 - 199.5 23 983 40 24.58 6-32
1990 13 5 55 23 * 6.88 - - 5 - 160.3 18 727 31 23.45 6-31
    - - - - 7.0 2 9 2 4.50 2-9
    - - - - 4.0 0 21 0 -  
1993 1 1 0 0 * - - - - - 7.0 0 29 0 -  
  303 67 2,173 49   9.21 - - 117 - 2,040.4 245 8,569 455 18.83 7-74

Rain Wins Again on Saturday

Sunday XI win but on Saturday three matches sucumb to the weather

1stXI cancelled rain
cancelled rain
3rdXI cancelled rain
4thXI lose by 100 runs
SunXI win by 159 runs, Matt Jennings 71

Saturday 29th July

Old Haberdashers v 1stXI 130-7 cancelled rain
2ndXI 116-2 v Letchworth Garden City III cancelled rain
Knebworth Park IV 30-0 v 3rdXI 191 cancelled rain
Hoddesdon IV 234 4thXI 114

Sunday 30th July

1stXI 205-8 Datchworth 46

Urvish Mistry
  Matt Jennings 71

Rain Wins

All matches sucumb to the weather

1stXI cancelled rain
cancelled rain
3rdXI cancelled rain
4thXI cancelled rain
SunXI cancelled rain

Saturday 22nd July

1stXI 10-2 v Waltham X Rosedale cancelled rain
Chipperfield Clarendon II v 2ndXI 19-2 cancelled rain
Boxmoor II v 3rdXI cancelled rain
4thXI 5-0 v Hatfield Hyde III cancelled rain

Sunday 23rd July

Rosslyn v 1stXI cancelled rain

Urvish Mistry

Three Wins

1stXI, 2ndXI and 3rdXI win

1stXI win by 7 wickets, Sean Edge 5 wickets
2ndXI win by 92 runs

win by 61 runs, Urvish Mistry 51 & 6-45, Luke Jeffrey 4 catches
4thXI no game

no game

Saturday 15th July

Old Cholmeleians 82 1stXI 83-3
2ndXI 215-8 Eversholt II 123
3rdXI 151 Ickleford III 101
TBA v 4thXI  No Game

Sunday 16th July

Hertford 2ndXI v 1stXI cancelled

Urvish Mistry
  Urvish Mistry

1stXI Draw

1stXI draw, 2ndXI, 3rdXI, 4thXI lose

1stXI draw,
2ndXI lose by 61 runs

lose by 8 wickets,
4thXI lose by 41 runs
no game

Saturday 8th July

Ickleford II 259-7 1stXI 209-9
North Enfield II 229-7 2ndXI 168
3rdXI 29 Watford Town III 31-2
Datchworth IV 238-6 4thXI 197-5

Sunday 9th July

No Game

Alex Digby

2ndXI win by 10 wickets

2ndXI win, 1stXI, 3rdXI, 4thXI lose

1stXI lose by 7 wickets,
2ndXI win by 10 wickets
, Fifty for Joe Bigley
lose by 105 runs,
4thXI lose by 104 runs
lose by 158 runs

Saturday 1st July

1stXI 83 St Albans II 84-3
Botany Bay II 110 2ndXI 111-0
Rickmansworth III 192 3rdXI 87
Wheathampstead III 180-6 4thXI 76

Sunday 2nd July

Therfield & Kelshall 295-5 1stXI 137

Joe Bigley
  Joe Bigley 61 not out

First wins for 3rdXI and 4thXI

1stXI in 6th win, 2ndXI in draw

1stXI win by 7 wickets, 64  runs for Heath Bond
2ndXI draw
, Alex Digby 61 not out
3rdXI win
by 1 wicket, 3 wickets for Tony Norton and Raj Garikipati
4thXI win by 9 wickets
, 5 wickets for Colin Jeffrey, Steve Jaques 4 wickets
SunXI concede

Saturday 24th June

Preston II 172-9 1stXI 173-4
2ndXI 239 Boxmoor 154-7
Chorleywood III 117 3rdXI 119-9
Welwyn Garden City V 92 4thXI 93-1

Sunday 25th June

Lilley v 1stXI conceded not enough players

Alex Digby
  Alex Digby 61 not out

Win for 1st XI

1stXI in 5th win, 2ndXI in first win

1stXI win by 7 wickets, 61 quickfire runs for Chandon Rao
2ndXI win by 74 runs
, Jakes brothers take 4 wickets each
lose by 9 wickets, maiden fifty for Luke Jeffrey in 53 over 61 not out
4thXI lose by 56 runs

win by 6 wickets

Saturday 17th June

Radlett III 106 1stXI 108-3
2ndXI 194 Abbots Langley II 120
3rdXI 200-4 Holtwhites Trinibis III 201-1
Stevenage VI 123 4thXI 67

Sunday 18th June

Rosslyn 103 1stXI 104-4

     Chandon Rao 61

Win for 1st XI

1stXI in 4th win, heavy defeats for other XIs

1stXI win by 74 runs, Amit Singh 41 and 6-21, Chandon Rao 61
2ndXI lose by
9 wickets
lose by 213 runs
4thXI lose by 165 runs

win by 240 run

Saturday 10th June

1stXI 204-9 Leverstock Green II 130
2ndXI 101 Frogmore 105-1
Aldenham 311-6 3rdXI 98
Old Camdenians II 271-5 4thXI 106

Sunday 11th June

1stXI 301-4 Knebworth Blues 61

heath Bond
     Amit and Chandon

Win for 1st XI

1stXI in 3rd win, 3 wins out of 3 for SunXI

1stXI win by 56 runs, Heath Bond 75, Sean Edge 5 wickets
2ndXI lose by
7 wickets
lose by 201 runs
4thXI opponents concede

win by 5 wickets

Saturday 3rd June

1stXI 211 Bentley Heath 155
2ndXI 98 Allenburys & County Hall II 99-3
Old Albanian III 286 3rdXI 85
4thXI v Potters Bar V (Bar concede)

Sunday 4th June

Ashwell 155 1stXI 158-5

heath Bond
     Heath Bond 75

Wins for 1st XI and 3rdXI

First win of the season for 3rdXI, 1stXI in 2nd win

1stXI win by 54 runs, Heath Bond 54, Deepak Haissa 45 and 4 wickets
2ndXI lose by 45 runs, Ian Golder 73
3rdXI win by 5 wickets
lose by 7 wickets
SunXI no game

Saturday 27th May

1stXI 244-8 Old Haberdashers 190-9
Letchworth Garden City III 234-8 2ndXI 189
Knebworth Park IV 123 3rdXI 124-5
4thXI 94 Hoddesdon IV 95-3

Sunday 28th May

No game

Ian Golder
     Ian Golder 73

1st XI win

First win of the season for 1stXI, but 3rdXI lose. SunXI in 2nd win

1stXI win by 42 runs
2ndXI cancelled
3rdXI lose by 6 wickets
4thXI Abandoned Rain
SunXI win by 6 wickets

Saturday 20th May

1stXI 185-8 Waltham X Rosedale 144
2ndXI v Chipperfield Clarendon II cancelled
3rdXI 53 Boxmoor II 54-4
Hatfield Hyde III 58-0 4thXI RAIN

Sunday 21st May

Baldock 92 1stXI 93-4


All matches lost

Three more losses in second week of the season

1stXI lose despite Amit Singh's century.
2ndXI in club record defeat, most runs conceded and heviest losing margin

1stXI lose by 32 runs, Amit Singh 104 and 4-15
2ndXI lose by 233 runs, Matt Welch 5-0-71-0
3rdXI lose by 10 wickets
4thXI No Game
No Game

Saturday 13th May

Old Cholmeleians 197 1stXI 165
Eversholt II 363-5 2ndXI 133
3rdXI 112 Ickleford III 113-0
4thXI No Game

Sunday 14th May

No Game


SHCL season starts

Four losses in first week of the season, but Sunday sees victory

Three defeats and a concession saw Hatfield and Crusaders make a poor start to the 2017 league season.
Sunday saw things improve with a win in the first North Herts League match.

1stXI lose by 51 runs, 3 wickets for Gareth Wynne, 3 wickets for Rory Gethin-Golder
2ndXI lose by 4 wickets
3rdXI lose by 191 runs
4thXI conceded match
SunXI win by 5 wickets

Saturday 6th May

Ickleford II 251-8 1stXI 200
2ndXI 134 North Enfield II 135-6
Watford Town III 299-8 3rdXI 108
Datchworth IV v 4thXI Conceded

Sunday 7th May

Therfield & Kelshall 108
1stXI 109-5

Gareth Wynne 3 wickets

First Home match

Hundred for Baber in first win of the season

Baber Zaman's hundred helped the team to 241 from 40 overs. Deepak Haissa takes 5-39 for 75 run win.

Saturday 29th April

1stXI 247 Aldenham 172

   Baber Zaman 100

Cricket Starts

Two defeats in warm up matches

April 16th saw a Hatfield XI lose by 34 runs at Broxbourne.
April 22nd saw a Hatfield XI lose by 4 wickets at Hatfield Hyde.

Saturday 22nd April

1stXI 149 Hatfied Hyde 150-6

Sunday 16th April

Broxbourne 255-7 1stXI 221-9



Darts team promoted back to Division 1

After just one season in Division 2 HatfieldCC's darts team acheived promotion as they won their final league match against the Arrows. The Darts team finished second behind The Spinners despite having the same points total as their leg difference was 5 legs poorer.
Captain Graham Debenham can be congratulated for guiding the Darts team back to the 1st Division at the first attempt.
Thursday 13th April sees the darts team play the semi final of the Divisional Shield against the Great Northern at the Conservative Club.



Alan Dudman re-elected Treasurer

Alan Dudman was re-elected Treasurer at the AGM


Hatfield CC football club folds

Time called on ailing Sunday football club

Lack of players has led to the winding up of HatfieldCC football club.


General Meeting

Yugal Kalaskar elected 1stXI Captain

Officers elected
Club President 7th Marquess of Salisbury
Club Chairman Alan Dudman
Honorary Secretary Gareth Wynne
Yugal Kalaskar elected 1stXI Captain
Keven Whitehead elected 2ndXI Captain
Leigh Parkhouse elected 3rdXI Captain
Bob Connor elected 4thXI Captain
Welfare Officer Alex Digby
Press Officer Matt Jennings

1stXI Captain

More Rain

Married and Single Men defeated by Rain on Saturday

Wash Out


Rain finishes final league Games

Saturday matches abandoned to rain, Sunday XI beat champions to finish 2nd

1stXI draw match abandoned
2ndXI draw match abandoned
3rdXI conceed
4thXI conceed
SunXI win by 4 wickets, Matt Jennings 71 not out

Saturday 3rd September 2016

Rickmansworth 214 1stXI 65-4
2ndXI 190-9 North Enfield II 100-1
Potten End v 3rdXI conceeded
4thXI conceeded v Ware II

Sunday 4th September 2016

Graveley 164 SunXI 165-6


2ndXI win

2ndXI win low scoring match

1stXI lose by 95 runs
win by 23 runs
3rdXI lose
by 79 runs
4thXI conceed
SunXI no game

Saturday 27th August 2016

West Herts II 259-6 1stXI 164
2ndXI 117 Abbots Langley II 94
Watford Town III 208 3rdXI 129
Datchworth III  v 4thXI conceeded

Sunday 28th August 2016

SunXI v (Hertford II no team)


1stXI and 3rdXI win

Five wickets for Joe Bigley blows away Old Cholmleians

1stXI win by 4 wickets
2ndXI lose by
3 wickets
win by 12 runs
4thXI conceed

Saturday 20th August 2016

Old Cholmeleians 102 1stXI 106-6
2ndXI 209-8 Eversholt II 210-7
3rdXI 172 Knebworth Park IV 160
4thXI conceeded v Hoddesdon III

Sunday 21st August 2016

Knebworth Blues v SunXI

Joe Bigley 42
5 wickets for Joe Bigley on Saturday

1stXI win

Keven Whitehead in 58 run last wicket partnership with Gareth Wynne

1stXI win by 13 runs
2ndXI lose by
8 wickets, Joe Bigley 42 next batsmens best score 6!
4thXI conceed
SunXI win by 4 wickets,  Gareth Wynne 8-4-9-5

Saturday 13th August 2016

1stXI 187-9 Radlett III 174
2ndXI 72 Holtwhites Trinibis II 76-2
3rdXI conceeded v Holtwhites Trinibis III
Potton Town II v 4thXI conceeded

Sunday 14th August 2016

Therfield & Kelshall 53 SunXI 57-6

Joe Bigley 42
42 for Joe Bigley on Saturday

3rdXI win

Keyun Mistry with 4 wickets helps 3rdXI to victory

1stXI lose by 32 runs
win by 29 runs
4thXI opponents conceed

Saturday 6th August 2016

Bentley Heath 223 1stXI 191
Bovingdon 220-9 2ndXI 119-7
3rdXI 185-6 Rickmansworth III 156
Wheathampstead III conceeded v 4thXI

Sunday 7th August 2016

Watton at Stone v SunXI

                    Jenning 63
63 for Matt Jennings on Saturday

3rdXI win

Matt Welch with 83 runs and 3 wickets helps 3rdXI to victory

1stXI lose by 35 runs
lose by 2 wickets
win by 1 wicket
4thXI conceed
SunXI win by 168 runs

Saturday 30th July 2016

Preston II 188-9 1stXI 153
2ndXI 119 Boxmoor 120-8
Ickleford III 222-7 3rdXI 224-9
4thXI conceeded v St Margaretsbury III

Sunday 31st July 2016

SunXI 224-5 Ashwell 56,  Mahtab 87, Yugal 49, Gareth 6-12

                    Welch 83
83 & 3 wickets for Matt Welch on Saturday

1stXI and 2ndXI win

Seven wickets for Murkesh, 3 for Gareth and 50 from Preet in 1stXI victory

1stXI win by 23 runs
win by 4 wickets
lose by 4 wickets
4thXI draw
SunXI win by 27 runs

Saturday 23rd July 2016

1stXI 188-8 Hitchin II 165
Totteridge Millhillians III 121 2ndXI 122-6
3rdXI 169-8 v Hitchin III 170-6
Hitchin IV 192-8 4thXI 112-9

Sunday 24th July 2016

SunXI 165-7 Rosslyn 138, Keven Whitehead 74

74 for Keven Whitehead on Sunday

2ndXI and 3rdXI win

1stXI batting fails

1stXI lose by 3 wickets
win by 131 runs, 50s for first three batsmen
win by 9 wickets, Mahtab Alam 81 not out, Urvish Mistry 6 wickets

Saturday 16th July 2016

1stXI 151 Leverstock Green II 152-7
2ndXI 243-6 Wheathampstead II 112
Chorleywood III 115 3rdXI 116-1
4thXI conceded v Cheshunt II

Sunday 17th July 2016

Knebworth Blues 101-7 SunXI 105-2

6 wickets for Urvish Mistry

1stXI win again

2ndXI and 3rdXI in quick wins

1stXI win by 36 runs
win by 6 wickets
win by 8 wickets
4thXI lose by 6 wickets

Saturday 9th July 2016

1stXI 225-9 Parkfield & Headstone 189
Letchworth Garden City III 112 2ndXI 115-4
Boxmoor II 63 3rdXI 64-2
4thXI 77 Stevenage V 78-4

Sunday 10th July 2016

SunXI 206 Fives 182

more wickets for Deepak

1stXI win

Preet Singh hits 49 runs as Deepak and Gareth spin out Rickmansworth

1stXI win by 44 runs
lose by 4 wickets
3rdXI lose
by 153 runs
4thXI lose by 153 runs
SunXI win by 86 runs

Saturday 2nd July 2016

1stXI 143 Rickmansworth 99
2ndXI 136 North Enfield II 138-6
Potten End 202-5 3rdXI 49
Ware II 181-4 4thXI 29

Sunday 3rd July 2016

SunXI 194-8 Lilley 108

M Welch
Preet Singh 49 for 1stXI

2ndXI win

2ndXI in last over win

1stXI lose by 120 runs
win by 4 runs
3rdXI lose
by 9 wickets
4thXI draw
SunXI cancelled water logged pitch

Saturday 25th June 2016

West Herts II 163-7 1stXI 43
2ndXI 142-7 Abbots Langley II 138
3rdXI 65 Watford Town III 66-1
Datchworth III 111-8 4thXI 33-7

Sunday 26th June 2016

Weston v SunXI
cancelled water logged pitch

M Welch

2ndXI and 3rdXI win

1stXI slip up at Old Cholmleians

1stXI lose by 54 runs
win by 3 wickets
win by 85 runs
4thXI lose by 8 wickets
SunXI no game

Saturday 18th June 2016

Old Cholmeleians 154 1stXI 100
Eversholt II 96 2ndXI 97-7
3rdXI 146 Knebworth Park IV 61
4thXI 73 Hoddesdon III 77-2

Sunday 19th June 2016

No Game

M Welch
  Matt Welch 6 wickets

1stXI and 3rdXI win

Rory Golder hits 3rdXI to 2 wicket win

1stXI win by 7 wickets
2ndXI lose
by 198 runs
win by 2 wickets
4thXI lose by 6 wickets
SunXI no game

Saturday 11th June 2016

Radlett III 72 1stXI 76-3
Holtwhites Trinibis II 320-7 2ndXI 122
Holtwhites Trinibis III 212-5 3rdXI 215-8
4thXI 65 Potton Town II 66-4

Sunday 12th June 2016

No Game

Rory Golder 32 not out   

1stXI Win at Bentley Heath

Fifty by Suhki Grewal leads 1stXI to 3 wicket win

1stXI win by 3 wickets
2ndXI lose
by 2 wickets
lose by 62 runs
4thXI lose by 5 wickets
SunXI no game

Saturday 4th June 2016

Bentley Heath 181-9 1stXI 182-7
2ndXI 175-9 Bovingdon 168-8
Rickmansworth III 193-9 3rdXI 131
4thXI 145-6 Wheathampstead III 147-5

Sunday 5th June 2016

Six-a-side Tournament

Suhki Grewal 54   

All four games played won this weekend

4 out of 4 as 2ndXI win fourth league match

1stXI win by 3 wickets
2ndXI win
by 41 runs
win by 5 wickets
4thXI conceded
win by 5 wickets

Saturday 28th May 2016

Preston II 200-9 1stXI 202-7
2ndXI 215 Boxmoor 174
Ickleford III 155 3rdXI 156-5
St Margaretsbury III v 4thXI conceded

Sunday 29th May 2016

Therfield & Kelshall 129 SunXI 130-1

Deepak 44 not out   

2ndXI win 3rd game on Saturday

2ndXI win third league match

1stXI match abandoned rain
2ndXI win
by 5 wickets
3rdXI lose by 99 runs

4thXI lose by 10 wickets
win by 6 wickets

Saturday 21st May 2016

1stXI 165 Hitchin II 0-1 Abandoned
Totteridge Millhillians III 95 2ndXI 96-5
Hitchin III 220 3rdXI 121
4thXI 37 Hitchin IV 38-0

Sunday 22nd May 2016

Rosslyn 108 SunXI 109-4

h &c

2ndXI and 3rdXI win on Saturday

Matt Jennings and Usman Shaikh put on 120 for 1st wicket in 2ndXI win

1stXI lose by 97 runs
2ndXI win
by 9 wickets
3rdXI win by 7 wickets

4thXI lose by 9 wickets
win by 3 wickets

Saturday 14th May 2016

Leverstock Green II 182 1stXI 85
Wheathampstead II 154 2ndXI 156-1
Chorleywood III 79 3rdXI 80-3
4thXI 43 Cheshunt II 46-1

Sunday 15th May 2016

Lilley 127 SunXI 128-7

Matt J
  Matt Jennings 57

2ndXI win on Saturday

2ndXI only winners this weekend

1stXI lose by 40 runs
2ndXI win
by 120 runs
3rdXI lose by 8 runs
4thXI conceded

Saturday 30th April 2016

Parkfield & Headstone 206 1stXI 166
2ndXI 197-9 Letchworth Garden City III 77
Boxmoor II 208 3rdXI 200
4thXI Conceded v Stevenage V

Sunday 1st May 2016

Graveley v SunXI Conceded

  Heath Bond 65

Defeats on Saturday and Sunday

Clive Starr takes 4 wickets at Aldenham

1stXI lose by 1 wicket
lose by 115 runs
lose by 7 wickets.

Saturday 30th April 2016

1stXI 139 Hatfield Hyde 140-9
Aldenham 245-6 2ndXI 130

Sunday 1st May 2016

SunXI 101 Weston 105-3

  Clive Starr 4 wickets

SunXI Win

SunXI win first league match

SunXI win by 2 wickets

Saturday 23rd April 2016

2ndXI lose

Sunday 24th April 2016

Ashwell 120 SunXI 121-8 Deepak hits 32 for Man of the Match

  Deepak MoM

Cricket Season Starts

Sun XI thrashed at Broxbourne

Only Kunal Shah 24 and Ian Golder 31 reached double figures in Hatfield And Crusaders total of 98 that featured five ducks, as they rushed to an 80 run defeat in 29 overs. After the home side had set a total of 178-6 from their 40 overs.

Sunday 6th September 2015
Broxbourne 178-6 Sun XI 98
Ian Golder 31
Ian Golder 31

Player Registration and Race Night

Club Events

Player Registration 7.30pm Ascots Lane

8.00pm Race Night
to raise money for Youth cricket teams

Saracens Hertfordshire Fixtures

2016 Saracens Hertfordshire Cricket Fixtures are published

To view look up fixtures on this and the league websites

MvS 2014
Click here to see fixtures

Club Prizes Announced

Preet Singh wins batting prize

Club prizes are as follows

Batting: Preet Singh with 321 runs at 40.13 in 11 innings
Bowling: Ian Golders with 34 wickets

Catching: Gareth Edge with 28 catches (26 as wk) as well as 10 stumpings in 24 matches
Clubman - Joe Bigley

1st XI player - Mukesh Kumar
2nd XI player - Alan Jakes
3rd XI player - Urvish Mistry
4th XI player - Clive Starr
Sunday player - Ben Clark

6 hits - Luke Crane, 14 6's in 17 innings
Duck prize - Yellesh Ambati, 6 quackers in 15 innings

Married Men beat Single Men

Yugal Kalasker 100 sets up winning total

Married Men 274 Single Men 210

Winning Captain Tony Foster receives trophy from Honorary Life Vice President John McCarthy

1stXI miss out on promotion

2ndXI and 4thXIs relegated as all teams lose badly

1stXI lose by 4 wickets. finish 3rd
lose by 102 runs. Relegated
lose by 39 runs. finish 7th
lose by 8 wickets. Relegated
SunXI no game

Saturday 5th September 2015

1stXI 88 Preston II 89-6
Northwood II 187 2ndXI 85
Chorleywood III 97 3rdXI 58
4thXI 66 Botany Bay III 67-2

Sunday 6th September 2015

No Game


Clubhouse now "The Tony Foster Pavilion"

Tony Foster's 60th season celebration

While the cricket match was cancelled, the celebration dinner took place and Tony was presented with a commemorative salver and the clubhouse was named "the Tony Foster Pavilion".


3rdXI Win

1stXI and 2ndXI lose

1stXI lose by 61 runs.
lose by 50 runs.
3rdXI win
by 3 wickets.
no game.
SunXI no game

Saturday 29th August 2015

Watford Town II 171 1stXI 110
Redbourn II 212-7 2ndXI 162
Holtwhites Trinibis III 55 3rdXI 56-7
Northwood III v 4thXI conceded

Sunday 30th August 2015

SunXI v Rosslyn cancelled Rosslyn conceded


Tony Foster's 60th Season Celebration

On bank holiday Monday August 31st Hatfield and Crusaders are holding a celebration cricket match to mark the 60th season in senior cricket of Tony Foster.

Tony Foster has been an ever present figure at Hatfield Cricket Club since 1956 when as a teenager he scored 53 not out on debut. In the following 60 years he passed the fifty mark 154 times, 18 times going on to make centuries. With his slow left-arm bowling he has taken more than 50 wickets in a season 26 times. He is the only player to take 100 wickets, score 1,000 runs in season for Hatfield. 27 seasons he has been Captain of one of Hatfield's weekend teams, 18 seasons as Captain of the Saturday 1stXI. His figures now stands at 31,552 runs from 1,611 innings and 2862 wickets from 13,641 overs. He has taken 602 catches and one stumping.

Tony has also been a hard worker off the pitch. A member of the Club's General Committee for over 50 years, holding many positions in the club including since 1979 the position of Club Captain and in 2006 Club Chairman. From 1995-2007 he was the coach/administrator of the Colts teams. Tony has also been involved in the Hertfordshire Cricket Competition and Hertfordshire Over 50s and the Welwyn Hatfield Cricket Partnership.

Tony has played matches this season for the 2nd 3rd and 4thXIs in the Saracens Hertfordshire Cricket League and for the Sunday XI in the Broadview Windows North Herts League. Tony also continues to play matches for the Hertfordshire Over 60s and Over 70s cricket teams.

Mondays match between a Tony Foster XI and players who have played cricket matches with Tony over the decades starts at 1.00pm on Bank Holiday Monday. The Club would welcome anyone who has played cricket with Tony over the years to come down and reminisce over days gone by.


Tony Foster

1stXI and 3rdXI Win

2ndXI & 4thXI lose

1stXI win by 6 wickets.
lose by 196 runs.
3rdXI win
by 17 runs.
lose by 5 wickets.

Saturday 22nd August 2015

Radlett III 134 1stXI 138-4
Parkfield & Headstone 308-7 112
3rdXI 131 Rickmansworth III 114
4thXI 148 Bentley Heath II 152-5

Sunday 23rd August 2015
Knebworth Blues v SunXI


1stXI and 2ndXI Win

3rdXI & 4thXI lose

1stXI win by 9 wickets.
win by 5 wickets, seven wickets for Alan Jakes.
lose by 5 wickets.
lose by 14 runs.
SunXI concede only seven players

Saturday 15th August 2015

Bentley Heath 86 1stXI 88-1
Botany Bay II 112 2ndXI 115-5
3rdXI 73 West Herts III 75-5
Broxbourne IV 248 4thXI 234

Sunday 16th August 2015
Lilley v SunXI conceded

Alan Jakes 7 wickets
Alan Jakes 7 wickets

1stXI Win

1stXI win, 3rdXI Draw and 2ndXI & 4thXI lose

1stXI win by 7 wickets, Preet Singh hits undefeated 83 in 19 over innings.
lose by 3 wickets, four wickets for Alan Jakes not enough as batting fails.
lose by 10 wickets.

Saturday 8th August 2015

London Colney 129-9 1stXI 131-3
2ndXI 139 Knebworth Park III 141-7
Boxmoor II 248-8 3rdXI 175-7
4thXI 82 Redbourn III 83-0

Sunday 9th August 2015
SunXI v Watton at Stone

Preet Singh 83 not out
Preet Singh 83 not out

2ndXI Win

2ndXI win, 1stXI Draw and 3rdXI lose

1stXI draw.
win by 36 runs.
3rdXI lose by 10 wickets
lost by 38 runs.

Saturday 1st August 2015

Flamstead 258-4 1stXI 224-6
2ndXI 98 Wormley 62
3rdXI 100 Mill Hill Village II 101-0
Southgate Compton II v 4thXI conceded

Sunday 2nd August 2015

Bramfield 163 SunXI 125



Three defeats on Saturday

3rdXI Draw, 1stXI  2ndXI and 4thXI lose

1stXI win by 3 wickets.
lose by 3 wickets.
lose by 9 wickets.

Saturday 25th July 2015

1stXI 162 Hemel Hempstead Town III 165-7
2ndXI 147 Kings Langley II 149-7
3rdXI 213-7 Ickleford III 151-8
4thXI 123 Watford Town III 124-1

Sunday 26th
July 2015
SunXI v Graveley cancelled Rain



1stXI win on Saturday

1stXI win, 2ndXI and 3rdXI lose, 4thXI concede

1stXI win by 6 wickets.
lose by 3 wickets.
lose by 164 runs.
lose by conceding.
win by 130 runs.

Saturday 18th July 2015

Hitchin II 192 1stXI 195-4
2ndXI 134 Clifton 135-7
Hitchin III 247-7 3rdXI 83
4thXI v Hertingfordbury II H&C conceded  

Sunday 19th
July 2015
SunXI 256-7 Knebworth Blues 126



Three wins on Saturday

1stXI, 2ndXI and 3rdXI win, 4thXI lose

1stXI win by 7 wickets.
win by 5 wickets.
win by 90 runs.
lose by 106 runs.
SunXI match cancelled

Saturday 11th July 2015

West Herts II 115 1stXI 116-3
Old Finchleians II 149-9 2ndXI 152-5
3rdXI 227-9 Flamstead II 137
Preston III 284-3 4thXI 178  

Sunday 12th
July 2015
SunXI v Fives Cancelled



1st XI win

3rdXI draw, 2ndXI and 4thXI lose

1stXI win by 37 runs, forty from skipper Sukhi Grewal.
2ndXI lose by 45 runs
draw, fifties from Nadeem Rehman and Urvish Mistry.
lose by 7 wickets.
SunXI win by six wickets,
Sukhi Grewal 56 not out

Saturday 4th July 2015

1stXI 129 Preston II 92
Northwood II 181-8 2ndXI 136
3rdXI 211-8 Chorleywood III 139-8
4thXI 89 Botany Bay III 93-3  

Sunday 5th
July 2015
Lilley 124 SunXI 125-4

Sukhi Grewal

3rd XI win

1stXI, 2ndXI and 4thXI lose

1stXI lose by 5 wickets.
2ndXI lose by 122 runs
win by 2 wickets.
lose by 7 wickets.

Saturday 27th June 2015

1stXI 165 Watford Town II 166-5
Redbourn II 235-5 2ndXI 113
Holtwhites Trinibis III 174 3rdXI 175-8
4thXI 120 Northwood III 123-3   

Sunday 28th
June 2015
Bramfield 210-7 SunXI 80


Rain wins on Saturday, but Sun XI win

2ndXI lose before games rained off on Saturday

2ndXI lose by 5 wickets
RAIN, Sreekanth Bongunuri 38.
SunXI win by 9 wickets

Saturday 20th June 2015

Radlett III 221-3 1stXI 0-0 RAIN
2ndXI 118 Parkfield & Headstone 120-5
Rickmansworth III 162 3rdXI RAIN
4thXI 140 Bentley Heath II 27-1 RAIN  

Sunday 21st
June 2015
Stevenage III 121 SunXI 122-1


SunXI win

1stXI and 2ndXI games rained off on Saturday, defeats for 3rdXI and 4thXI

3rdXI lose by 50 runs, despite
Yugal Kalaskar 83.
lose by 2 wickets despite Sreekanth Bongunuri 94.
SunXI win by 130 runs, 50s for S Grewal 58; G Edge 50 not out; L Crane 66 not out. Luke Jeffrey 3-31, Matt Jennings 4-17.

Saturday 13th June 2015

Bentley Heath v 1stXI RAIN
2ndXI v Botany Bay II RAIN
3rdXI 212-8 West Herts III 213-8
Broxbourne IV 227-7 4thXI 177

Sunday 14th
June 2015
SunXI 233-4 Stevenage III 103

Tony Jakes
Yugal Kalaskar 83

Win for 2ndXI on Saturday

3 defeats 1 win on Saturday

1stXI lose by 4 wickets.
win by 3 wickets.
3rdXI lose by 8 runs.
lose by 4 wickets
SunXI lose by 8 wickets despite Tony Jakes MOM performance

Saturday 6th June 2015

1stXI 150 London Colney 151-6
Knebworth Park III 182 2ndXI 188-7
Boxmoor II 182 3rdXI 173-7
4thXI 208-8 Redbourn III 209-6

Sunday 7th
June 2015
Sun XI 177-9 Baldock Town 181-2

Tony Jakes
Barry Phillips 50

Wins for 1st & 2ndXIs on Saturday

Two wins on Saturday

1stXI win by 5 wickets.
win by 2 wickets.
3rdXI lose by 85 runs.
4thXI conceed, not enough players

Saturday 30th May 2015

Flamstead 217-7 1stXI 220-5
Wormley 108 2ndXI 109-8
Mill Hill Village II 199 3rdXI 114
4thXI v Southgate Compton II Cancelled

Sunday 31st May 2015
Sun XI v Strokemakers

Tony Jakes
Ian Golder 4-29

Bank Holiday nightmare on Saturday

All four Saturday XIs in humiliating losses

1stXI fail to chase 139, losing by 40 runs.
lose 212 runs after slumping to 50 all out.
3rdXI lose by 10 wickets.
4thXI lose by 9 wickets as they are skittled out for 19 in 17 overs.
SunXI Bilal Siddiqui 6 wickets just not enough in one wicket defeat.

Saturday 23rd May 2015

Hemel Hempstead Town III 139 1stXI 79
Kings Langley II 262-8
2ndXI 50
3rdXI 63
Ickleford III 64-0
4thXI 19 Watford Town III 22-1

Sunday 24th May 2015
Sun XI 133 Graveley 134-9

Tony Jakes
Tony Jakes 3-38

1stXI win on Saturday

2ndXI, 3rdXI 4thXI and Sun XI all lose

5 wicket win for 1stXI as Ian Golder takes 4-21. Usman Shaikh hits a quickfire 62 as victory is acheived in 14.1 overs.
lose by 9 wickets after slumping to 90 all out.
3rdXI lose by 19 runs, despite 51 from skipper Matt Welch.
4thXI lose by 7 wickets despite 85 from Clive Wilson and 61 from Clive Starr.
SunXI lose by 61 runs.

Saturday 16th May 2015

Hitchin II 138-9 1stXI 141-5
2ndXI 90 Clifton 94-1
Hitchin III 136-8 3rdXI 117
4thXI 216 Hertingfordbury II 220-3

Sunday 17th May 2015
Therfield and Kelshall 197-9 Sun XI 136

Clive Wilson 85
Clive Wilson 85

1st & 3rdXI win on Saturday

2ndXI lose by 2 runs, 4thXI lose by 112 runs, and SunXI win by 43

10 wicket win for 1stXI as Ian Golder takes 4-21. Usman Shaikh hits a quickfire 62 as victory is acheived in 14.1 overs.
3rdXI win by 3 wickets as Sam Edge takes 3-25 and hits 28 not out.
2ndXI lose by 2 runs, after Tony Jakes takes 3-18. 28 from Yugal Kalaskar not enough to get win.
4thXI lose by 112 runs as Rajesh Garikipati top scores with 31 runs.
SunXI win by 43 runs as Sajid hits 50 and Sam Edge takes 2-12.

Saturday 9th May 2015

West Herts II 97 1stXI 98-0
Old Finchleians II 121 2ndXI 119
Flamstead II 167 3rdXI 168-7
Preston III 252-7 4thXI 140

Sunday 10th May 2015
Sun XI 185-9 Rosslyn 142

Barry Phillips
1stXI Captain Sukhi

2ndXI win on Saturday

2ndXI win by 130 runs, Sunday XI win by 8 wickets

130 run victory for 2ndXI skipper Barry Phillips.
Kunal Shah hits 71 not out in eight wicket win for Sunday XI

Saturday 2nd May 2015

Baldock 177-7 1stXI 143
2ndXI 188-7 Hatfield Hyde 58
Shenley Village III 249-5 3rdXI 152-9

Sunday 3rd May 2015
Baldock 110 Sun XI 111-2 

Barry Phillips
2ndXI Captain Barry

Two defeats on Saturday

Fifties for Sukhi Grewal and Gareth Edge

Stand in Skipper Sukhi Grewal hit 68 as 1stXI finish 13 runs short in run chase.
Earlier Bill Bigley took 4-42.
Gareth Edge hit his maiden 50 for the club as he scored 57 before getting stumped in the 2ndXIs heavy defeat at Aldenham.

Saturday 25th April 2015

Watford 208-8 1stXI 195-7
Aldenham 231-8 v 2ndXI 128-10

Sunday 26th April 2015
Away at Therfield

Gareth Edge
Gareth Edge 57

Cricket Season starts

Season starts with thrashing at Ascots Lane

First game of the season sees Hatfield And Crusaders thrashed by 10 wkts by North Middlesex 3rdXI.

Saturday 18th April 2015

1stXI 81 lost to North Middlesex III by 10 wkts
Rickmansworth IV 141-8 2ndXI 145-7, Matt Jennings 42

Sunday 19th April 2015
Away at Broxbourne

Hat And Cru

Saracens Hertfordshire Fixtures

2015 Saracens Hertfordshire Cricket Fixtures are published

To view look up fixtures on this and the league websites

MvS 2014
Click here to see fixtures

Prize Night and Curry

2014 Prize Night at Ascots Lane Friday Jan 9th 8pm

The Club prizes were presented at the Clubhouse at 8.30pm on Friday January 9th.
Sukhi Grewal was 1stXI player and won the Batting prize, Gareth Wynne was 2ndXI player and won the Bowling prize. Ben Clarke was the 3rdXI player and won the Young player prize. Jitish Vin was the 4thXI player and Chaminda Alocious was the Sunday player. Youghal Kalaskar won the Catching prize and Deepak Hasiza was awarded the Best Performance prize. Danny Milliken was the Duck King and the Clubman of the year was Alex Digby.

MvS 2014 small
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New SHCL Structure

Herts League Division structure for 2015

After club mergers and team withdrawals the final divisional structure for 2015 has been published

1stXI will play in Division 5A was Division 8
will play in Division 6A was Division 10
will play in Division 10A was Division 18
will play in Division 10B was Division 19

MvS 2014 small
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General Meeting

Gareth Wynne elected Honorary Secretary

The General Meeting of the Club saw Gareth Wynne elected as Honorary Secretary, Heath Bond elected as Sat 1stXI Captain, Matt Welch elected as 3rdXI Captain, Bob Connor takes over as Fixture Secretary and Matt Jennings becomes Press & Publicity Secretary.
Vacancies remain for Team Secretary, Sat 2ndXI Captain, 4thXI Captain and SunXI Captain.

MvS 2014 small
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Single Men beat Married men

Gareth Edge hits Ian Golder for four as Single Men win by 3 wickets

Married Men 205-8, Single Men 208-7

Sunday 1stXI , Bramfield concede

Following weekends matches cancelled, Cricket Season is now over.

MvS 2014 small
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Wins for 1stXI, 3rdXI and 4thXI

2ndXI relegated on final day of SHCL

1st XI 189, Rickmansworth 175
Welwyn Garden City III 200-7, 2nd XI 132
3rd XI 158-7, North Mymms III 154
Preston III 131, 4th XI 132-9

1stXI 221, Old Elizabethans 125

1stXI relegated to Division 8
2ndXI relegated to Division 10
3rdXI relegated to Division 18
4thXI relegated to Division 20 East or West
5thXI relegated to Division 22
East or West  
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Relegation Day as 3rdXI all out for 17

1stXI, 3rdXI and 4thXI join 5thXI in relegation

1st XI 111, Sandridge 112-4
2nd XI 167-5, Hemel Hempstead III 169-9
3rd XI 17 (Seventeen), Cockfosters III 18-2
4th XI 173, Cockfosters IV 174-6
5thXI conceded

Sunday 1stXI, NO GAME
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3rd XI win Match

3rdXI chase down 208 for five wicket win

1st XI 202-7, Broxbourne II 206-1
2nd XI 127, Hertford III 129-5
Knebworth Park IV 208-7, 3rd XI 213-5
4th XI 128, Ickleford III 129-1
5thXI conceded

Sunday 1stXI, Knebworth Blues

Monday 1stXI, WGC - RAIN
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2nd XI Tie Match

2ndXI tie match needing 10 runs to win with 7 wickets in hand

1st XI 131, Southgate Compton 132-3
Bentley Heath 144, 2nd XI 144
3rdXI 157-9, Rickmansworth III 158-3
4th XI 190-8, Botany Bay III 191-3
5thXI conceded

Sunday 1stXI, Baldock conceded match
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2nd XI Win by 4 runs

Wins for 2ndXI and 3rdXI

1st XI 134, Langleybury II 135-4
2nd XI 141, Old Cholmeleians 137
Luton Town & Indians IV 77, 3rdXI 79-2
4th XI 140, Mill Hill Village II 141-2
5thXI conceded

Sunday 1stXI, Watton-at-Stone RAIN
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4th XI Draw

Rain, Defeats but 4thXI draw

1st XI 22-2, Dunstable II 0-0
2nd XI 159, Flitwick II 163-5
3rd XI 123, Greenwood Park 124-5
Hertingfordbury II, 235-3, 4th XI 169-5
5thXI conceded

Sunday 1stXI, Therfield & Kelshall conceded 6pm Sat
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Win for 5th XI

5thXI win and 2ndXI draw

1st XI 180, St Albans II 181-7
Wheathampstead II 223-6, 2ndXI 149-7
3rd XI 165, Old Elizabethans II 166-0
4th XI      NO GAME    
5th XI 185, Knebworth Park V 114

Sunday 1stXI v Windermere
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Wins for 2ndXI & 4th XI

4thXI and 2ndXI win, 3rdXI draw

Cheshunt 138, 1st XI 105
Cockfosters II 187, 2ndXI 188-8
Welwyn Garden City IV 197-8, 3rdXI 170-7
Hitchin III 111, 4thXI 112-7
Cheshunt II 200-5, 5thXI 68

Sunday 1stXI v Knebworth Blues
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Wins for 4th XI

4thXI win, 2ndXI draw

1st XI 59, Bishops Stortford II 62-2
2nd XI 181, Wormley 134-9
Harpenden Dolphins 161, 3rdXI 108
Parkfield & Headstone II 69, 4th XI 72-1    
5thXI v Wheathampstead III Cancelled

Sunday 1stXI 145-8 v Fives 137-9
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Wins for Three XIs

1st, 2nd and 4thXIs victories

1st XI 202, Northampton Exiles 160
Parkfield & Headstone 102, 2nd XI 105-4
3rd XI 100, Pirton 102-4
Northwood III 140, 4th XI 144-6
5thXI v Ware II Cancelled

Sunday 1stXI v Tewin Cancelled
Ian Golder 6 wickets
Ian Golder 6 wickets
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Win for 3rdXI

3rdXI in 123 run victory

1stXI 164-10 Datchworth 167-1
2ndXI 135-10 Harpenden 138-2
3rdXI 200-9 Abbots Langley 77-10
Chorleywood 222-5 4thXI 93-10
Potters Bar 130-9 5thXI 95-10

Sunday 1stXI  v Lilley
SGrewal 51
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Win for 1stXI

1stXI in last over victory

Ampthill Town II 197, 1st XI 198-9
Hoddesdon II 228-7, 2nd XI 218
Leverstock Green III 233-2, 3rd XI 184
Southgate Compton II 266-8, 4th XI 98
5th XI 143, St Margaretsbury III 146-6

Sunday 1stXI 104, Graveley 103
SGrewal 51
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Draw for 1stXI

No 50 from Suki Grewal as 1stXI draw

1st XI 153-7, West Herts II 103-7
2nd XI 135, Leverstock Green II 138-8
3rd XI 120, Little B. Sahibs 121-4
4th XI 128, Holtwhites Trinibis III 129-9
Southgate Adelaide III 189, 5th XI 147

Sunday 1stXI 184 v Datchworth 185-2
SGrewal 51
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Win for 4thXI

Low scoring victory for 4thXI at Roe Hill

Chorleywood II 170, 1stXI 125
Preston II 163-6, 2ndXI 110
London Colney II vs 3rd XI
Hoddesdon III 46, 4th XI 49-3
5th XI 57, Bentley Heath II 58-2

Sunday No game
SGrewal 51
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Wins for 1stXI and 2ndXI

Another 50 from Suki Grewal sees 1stXI home to victory

Hitchin II 147-9, 1stXI 148-3
Knebworth Park III 139, 2ndXI 140-6
3rd XI 37, Stevenage IV 42-6
Flamstead II 118, 4th XI 88
Tewin II 142-8, 5th XI 117

Sunday 1stXI 146, Rosslyn 115
SGrewal 51
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Darts Win

Hatfield CC victorious in Dave Lawrence Cup

Hatfield CC darts team beat The Cavendish 4-1 in the final of the Dave Lawrence Cup.

John McCarthy, Ian Golder, Phil Bawden and Ben Gethin-Golder lose final of fours competition.

SGrewal 51
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Opening Win for 1stXI

50 from Suki Grewal sees 1stXi home to victory

Hertingfordbury 176 v 1stXI 182-8
2ndXI 134 v Flamstead 138-1
3rdXI 105 v
Frogmore 106-2
4thXI 131 v West Herts III 132-8
5thXI v Letchworth Garden City V
SGrewal 51
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Saturday Rain and defeat for 2ndXI

1st XI     H&C vs Berkhamsted     Cancelled - Rain
2nd XI     H&C 95, Watford Town II 96-3     Lost by 7 wickets
3rd XI     Kings Langley III vs H&C     Cancelled - Rain
4th XI     H&C vs Datchworth II     Cancelled - Rain
5th XI     Wormley II vs H&C     Cancelled - Rain

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No wins on Saturday

1st XI     Bayford & Hertford 184, H&C 141

2nd XI     H&C 175, Chipperfield Clarendon II 178-7

3rd XI     Sandridge II 101, H&C 98

4th XI     Flitwick III 244-5, H&C 99-7

Heath Bond 94
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1stXI win this weekend

Saturday 26th April

1st XI  H&C 165, Hatfield Hyde 141
2nd XI Baldock 131, H&C 59
3rd XI  Old Actonians 263-5, H&C 91

Sunday 27th April

1stXI 151 Stevenage 152-4

Heath Bond 94
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